Tracy SchwensonEveolution Jewelry was born out of my artistic spirit.  With this thought in mind, I created the business as a way to express this spirit in all of us.

I call my line Eveolution because in some way, we are all part of the original Woman. At the same time, each of us has our own particular story to tell.

I’ve learned there are stories behind every stone.  There are stones that heal. Stones that protect. Stones that guide. And, stones that encourage.

Throughout history, stones and jewels have held meaning and significance.  They have entranced me my entire life.  When other little girls were playing with dolls, I was digging around in dirt looking for pretty rocks.  When you wear a piece of jewelry, you carry that stone’s history with you. When you learn the meaning in the stones you’re wearing, they become tremendously powerful.

Based on my nosey nature and natural curiosity, I look to the stones to fuel my imagination and inspire my designs. I’m always looking for the pieces that speak to me. The gems, the stones, and the artifacts bring their history with them. In putting them together, they weave a story. Inevitably, I find the person who is drawn to a particular piece, will tell me what drew her in.  I look forward to designing and sharing stories in stones for years to come.  I want to share your story too.  For more information, please contact me at tracy@eveolutionjewelry.com

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