Current Designs

I AM PEACE Pendant with Precious Gemstones

I created this “I AM” PEACE pendant design for the “I AM” Collection by Eveolution Jewelry® and the Holiday Season!  This beauty is 3 and 5/8 inches long with the Sterling Silver bail.  The Sterling Silver basket weave tube bead is filled with two Diamond, thought to create abundance and also heighten the properties of the other gemstones, beads (one white and the other black).  It also contains two faceted cut Rubies (thought to stimulate nurturing emotions),  yellow, orange and blue faceted cut Sapphires (promotes pure emotions and peace) and one 18kt Gold round bead ( I love the hue of 18kt gold).  The tube is closed with two AA grade faceted Clear Quartz (thought to be the greatest of all healing stones) Crystal beads.  You can buy this item on-line by visiting the Design Gallery page and selecting the item.  I hope you enjoy this design as much as I enjoyed creating it.






I AM ENOUGH Argentium Silver Tag Pendant with Red JasperThis second design, “I AM” ENOUGH pendant for the I AM” Collection by Eveolution Jewelry®, is 2 and 1/2 inches long (including the Argentium Silver split ring bail.  Unlike all my other tag pendants that show two tags joined together by split rings – this design is one long tag.  I wire-wrapped a 6mm Red Jasper bead at the top of the tag.  Red Jasper is a balancing stone.  It is also known as the justice stone.  The stone goes back into history.  Jasper is mentioned in the Bible, and can be traced back to Greek, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Assyrian, Latin, and Native American cultures.  You can purchase this design on-line by visiting the Design Gallery page. Enjoy!!!