A Basket Full of Rubies!!!

O.K., maybe I’m overstating it a little.  What I really mean is here’s the latest addition to:

The “I AM” Collection by Eveolution Jewelry ® – 

While I was getting ready for work one day, recall I am also an Accountant some of the time, I came up with a new design for my latest collection.  I decided a Sterling Silver  basket weave tube bead would make a cool pendant.  I closed both ends with very nice American Blue Turquoise roundel beads and filled the inside of the cut out tube with tiny Ruby beads.  The Rubies are free flowing inside of the tube and are meant to move around.  The Turquoise beads keep the Rubies from escaping.  I added an “I AM ART” tag to the pendant and suspended it from a fine gauge Sterling Silver chain.

I AM ART with Ruby and Turquoise Pendant