Now That’s a Pearl!!!!

This post is all about a white fresh water pearl pendant.  It’s not just any pearl pendant, it’s a huge beautiful pearl set in 12 wires of 20 gauge 1/2 hard square Argentium Silver wire, with 8 warps of 21 gauge half-round Argentium Silver wire.

The pearl itself is 2+1/4″ high by 1+1/2″ wide (at is biggest point).  Believe it or not, this pearl pendant started out as a bead.  There is a tiny hole drilled at the strangest angle.  It  would have looked really weird strung in a necklace.  I honestly don’t know what the person was thinking when he or she looked at this work of art…

I decided to make this pearl into a lovely big statement pendant.  The pendant can be worn on both sides, depending on preference.  As the images show, the pendant is finished on both sides  Actually, it is finished on all sides.  I hope you enjoy this work of art as much as I enjoyed designing and assembling it.  The retail price of this lovely pendant is:  $995.  If interested in purchasing this lovely design, go to my “Design Gallery” page and select it to buy this one of a kind design.  Or, you can contact me at  Cheers:)

Fresh Water Pearl Pendant

Fresh Water Pearl Pendant Set in Argentium Silver Wire


Alternate Image for Fresh Water Pearl Pendant

Second View of Fresh Water Pearl Pendant