Yep; There She Goes Again-Designing Something

Well, here we are continuing to deal with the Covid-19 situation. I hope you are all doing well. It’s been awhile so I decided it was time to get off of my backside and get back to my design table and create some new jewelry designs. So, drumroll – Here they are!!!

The first image shows a Chert Arrowhead (nod to the Native American heritage) with a “fringe” component of Turquoise beads and Argentium Silver metal. This is all nicely placed on a 2mm adjustable black waxed cotton necklace cord.

The second image shows a trio of earrings. The first pair, going from left to right is various hued small tabular shaped Tourmaline Beads with 2mm Sterling Silver Beads. The simple ear wires are Argentium Silver Metal. The second pair of earrings are Red Garnet four sided beads with Argentium Silver diamond shaped components. I added simple Argentium Silver ear wires. The third and final pair are faceted Turquoise Beads and White Fresh Water Pearls. I used Sterling Silver flat spacer beads to separate the turquoise from the pearls (that’s just the type of gal I am). The Argentum Silver “S” shaped component is added to create space between the simple Argentium Silver ear wire and the beads.

The third image features a Stabilized Turquoise Nugget set in an Argentium Silver basket setting. Whew! I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of designing for a few weekends. Let’s see what else I can get into trouble with. Ha-Ha! Be well all!

Opal – Opal – Opal

I just love Opals!  It doesn’t matter where they come from – Australia, Mexico, South America, Africa, and the United States.  I came across some really interesting Opals lately.  There are three examples shown in this post.

The first image shows a very interesting Mexican Fire Opal.  This pendant can be worn both ways, front or back.  What’s truly unique about this stone, is its appearance.  The stone appears broken, like crackled glass.  It’s not!  The stone is smooth on both sides because it healed itself and left the crackle glass effect behind.  I set this stone with 22 gauge 1/2 hard square and 22 gauge 1/2 hard 1/2 round 14kt Gold-Filled wire.

The second image shows a Fairy Stone Opal from Australia.  Fairy Stone Opal is hard sandstone that is permeated with Opal.  Some of this Opal is piped throughout the stone.  This gives the stone its characteristic pin fire effect.  What’s cool about this stone is it looks great in low light as well as bright light.  The pin fire must be seen to be believed as it changes as the stone moves while wearing it.  I set this stone in 22 gauge 1/2 hard square and 21 gauge 1/2 hard 1/2 round Argentium Silver wire.

The third image shows a Chocolate WELO Opal nugget from Africa.  This stone can be worn both ways.  You know me – if something can be done more than one way, I do that!  This opal is even better looking in person.  The setting for this stone is 24 gauge 1/2 hard square and 21 gauge 1/2 hard 1/2 round Argentium Silver wire.  This setting is a bit harder to create since it’s a modified bezel/basket setting.

I hope you enjoy viewing these stones as much as I enjoyed setting them.  If you have questions, feel free to e-mail me at:

All the best,

Mexican Fire Opal Set in 14kt Gold-Filled WireFairy Stone Pendant-Set in Argentium Silver Image2 WELO Chocolate Opal Pendant Set in Argentium Silver-Etsy2