A New Wire-Wrapping Design Challenge-Trilobite Pendant

At one of the galleries I do business with, I met a client that had purchased a Trilobite fossil to give to a friend as a Christmas present.  While standing there, the client wanted to know if the sales associate knew someone who could turn the Trilobite fossil into a pendant.  This is a great example of being in the right place at the right time.  A short conversation resulted in my taking the fossil home with me to come up with a pendant design.  Since I love the strength and bright metal look of Argentium™ Silver (.930 Silver content), I went with it for the fossil pendant.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous about taking a 500 million year old fossil and turning it into a piece of jewelry.  I gave it a shot and came up with a combination basket/bezel setting using four 22 gauge square Argentium™ Silver and four strands of 21 gauge half-round Argentium™ Silver wraps. The client is very happy and I am too.  There are four images, two before images (front and back) and two after images (front and back) showing the work.  This was my most challenging setting to date as the Trilobite was not in anyway even or flat.  I especially like this pendant because it can be worn both ways, front or back.  Enjoy!

Trilobite Before Image 1 Trilobite Before Image 2

Trilobite Argentium Silver Wire-Wrap Image Back Dec. 17 2014 Trilobite Argentium Silver Wire-Wrap Image Front Dec. 17 2014