A Different Type of Boulder Opal

As you may know, by now, I love designing settings for un-drilled gemstones and cabochons.  A cabochon is a stone that is cut so it’s flat on one side and not usually polished.  The other side of the stone is finished and usually has curved angles from the bottom of the stone towards the center.  This characteristic allows the stone setter, me in this case, to easily set the stone in metal.

I like to use metal wire for my metal stone settings: Sterling Silver (.925 Silver), Argentium Silver (.930 Silver), 14kt Gold-Filled, and 14kt Gold.  With this said, this post is about a setting for a Boulder Opal. This Boulder Opal isn’t from Australia.  This stone is from Guatemala.  I didn’t know Boulder Opals could come from other places.  I learn something new every day.

I used 22 gauge Argentium Silver 1/2 hard square wire.  Notice the unique shape of the stone.  It’s triangular with rounded corners.  Instead of setting the stone at a straight angle, I chose to set it just off of the angle.  I think it gives the stone a softer appearance.  If you would like to see this stone in person, you can visit my friend Carol Garsten at Nature Gallery in Downtown Los Altos, CA., at –

296 State Street
Los Altos, CA 94022
650 327 8700

Once again, I hope you enjoy viewing this design creation as much as I enjoyed making it. By the way, I’ve attached before the setting and after the setting images for your viewing pleasure.

Guatemalan Boulder Opal Before Setting for Nature Gallery

Guatemalen Bould Opal For Nature GalleryCheers and Happy Super Bowl 50!!!!


A New Wire-Wrapping Design Challenge-Trilobite Pendant

At one of the galleries I do business with, I met a client that had purchased a Trilobite fossil to give to a friend as a Christmas present.  While standing there, the client wanted to know if the sales associate knew someone who could turn the Trilobite fossil into a pendant.  This is a great example of being in the right place at the right time.  A short conversation resulted in my taking the fossil home with me to come up with a pendant design.  Since I love the strength and bright metal look of Argentium™ Silver (.930 Silver content), I went with it for the fossil pendant.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous about taking a 500 million year old fossil and turning it into a piece of jewelry.  I gave it a shot and came up with a combination basket/bezel setting using four 22 gauge square Argentium™ Silver and four strands of 21 gauge half-round Argentium™ Silver wraps. The client is very happy and I am too.  There are four images, two before images (front and back) and two after images (front and back) showing the work.  This was my most challenging setting to date as the Trilobite was not in anyway even or flat.  I especially like this pendant because it can be worn both ways, front or back.  Enjoy!

Trilobite Before Image 1 Trilobite Before Image 2

Trilobite Argentium Silver Wire-Wrap Image Back Dec. 17 2014 Trilobite Argentium Silver Wire-Wrap Image Front Dec. 17 2014

Lovely Laguna Agate


Today’s post features a very lovely example of the gemstone – Laguna Agate.

This stone comes from  Northern Mexico.  It is known for the vibrant bands of color running through the stone.  Note the striking pools and dashed lines of red, pink, and gray.  This stone is a 40x22mm cabochon that I bezel set with four strands of 22 gauge 1/2 hard square sterling silver wire and 1/2 hard half-round Argentium silver wire.  I completed the setting with decorative spirals at the top of the stone and a hand-made bail.  Suspending this design, from a sterling silver snake chain, would be a lovely way to showcase this signature piece.  If interested in purchasing this piece, you can buy it on the “Design Gallery” page.  Or, contact me at: tracy@eveolutionjewelry.com.


Deep Blue Pietersite

Blue Pietersite Set in Sterling Silver and Argentium Silver Wire

A lovely 30x22mm deep Blue Pietersite is artisan bezel set in four strands of Sterling Silver and Argentium Silver wire

The gemstone known as Pietersite was discovered by Sid Pieters in 1964 while he was prospecting in Namibia, Africa.  Pietersite is a very lovely quartz gemstone and can also be known as Eagle’s Eye.  This lovely example shows a deep blue color.  There is also a striking golden bronze hue.  For this design, I used four strands of Sterling Silver 1/2 hard 22 gauge wire and incorporated five Argentium Silver 1/2 hard 1/2 round wraps to form the bezel setting.  Note the decorative spirals at the top and a double bail to suspend this lovely piece from a chain or cord.  I hope you enjoy viewing and learning about it as much as I enjoyed making it.  To purchase this design, contact me at: tracy@eveolutionjewelry.com.  Thanks!


Multi-Color Flower Agate for Kristy

Flower Agate Cabochon Set in 5 Strands of Sterling Silver Wire

Thanks for stopping by to visit my Eveolution Jewelry blog…My jewelry designs are all about the stories behind the art – As time moves forward, I will feature a new jewelry design. I’ll include a description of the item, the inspiration that guided the design, and points of interest.

Now, for the story about this lovely Agate and Silver wire-wrapped pendant.  Friends of ours live in New Mexico.  One day, we stopped by (O.K. – we flew from the Northern California Bay Area, rented an SUV, and drove to visit our friends living in a small town close by Santa Fe.  While checking out some lovely rocks sitting in a shallow bowl, in the dining room area, I found this lovely Agate cabochon.  I asked if I could borrow it and make a setting for it?  Of course, my friend Kristy said.  My lovely friend, Kristy, got this great pendant, and my husband Kelly and I picked up and adopted a very cute and sweet sighthound-mix dog named Izzy.  Kristy and her husband rescued and rehabilitated Izzy from a dog fighting ring environment.  I am not making this up!  One never knows where a rock will lead you…

With this said, I hope you enjoy this first, very special design and I welcome you back, anytime, to view the design gallery. My intricate plan, yeah – right, is to add a new design image once every month or two.  While I love jewelry design, I do have another business, Iron Dragonfly Inc., that provides accounting, bookkeeping, and small business coaching to a number of clients.  This business does take up a certain number of hours in my day, week month.  We will see if I can meet this lofty goal. In the meantime, enjoy!!!!