Sonoran Sunset or Sonoran Sunrise – A New and Interesting Gemstone

Sonoran Sunset or Sonoran Sunrise Pendant with Sterling Silver and Argentium Silver

a 30mm x 22mm Sonoran Sunset free form cabochon set into a five strand 22 gauge 1/2 hard square sterling silver and 21 gauge 1/2 hard half round Argentium Silver bezel setting.

This lovely design features a Sonoran Sunset or Sonoran Sunrise cabochon I set with a five strand Sterling Silver and Argentium Silver bezel setting. Sornoran Sunset/Sunrise is a new gemstone that is a combination of Cuprite (the red part of the stone) and Chrysocolla (the blue/green color of the stone). There can also be a third color – black. This is a copper oxide.

The Milpillas Mine has been mining Sonoran Sunset/Sunrise material since 2006. The mine is located in Northern Mexico. Since the Millpillas Mine is very small, it may only have a life of 11 years or so.  Once the mine closes, there will not be any more Sonoran Sunset.   If you are interested in purchasing this lovely Sonoran Sunset/Sunrise design, please check out the “Design Gallery” page.  Or, you can contact me at: Enjoy!


Multi-Color Flower Agate for Kristy

Flower Agate Cabochon Set in 5 Strands of Sterling Silver Wire

Thanks for stopping by to visit my Eveolution Jewelry blog…My jewelry designs are all about the stories behind the art – As time moves forward, I will feature a new jewelry design. I’ll include a description of the item, the inspiration that guided the design, and points of interest.

Now, for the story about this lovely Agate and Silver wire-wrapped pendant.  Friends of ours live in New Mexico.  One day, we stopped by (O.K. – we flew from the Northern California Bay Area, rented an SUV, and drove to visit our friends living in a small town close by Santa Fe.  While checking out some lovely rocks sitting in a shallow bowl, in the dining room area, I found this lovely Agate cabochon.  I asked if I could borrow it and make a setting for it?  Of course, my friend Kristy said.  My lovely friend, Kristy, got this great pendant, and my husband Kelly and I picked up and adopted a very cute and sweet sighthound-mix dog named Izzy.  Kristy and her husband rescued and rehabilitated Izzy from a dog fighting ring environment.  I am not making this up!  One never knows where a rock will lead you…

With this said, I hope you enjoy this first, very special design and I welcome you back, anytime, to view the design gallery. My intricate plan, yeah – right, is to add a new design image once every month or two.  While I love jewelry design, I do have another business, Iron Dragonfly Inc., that provides accounting, bookkeeping, and small business coaching to a number of clients.  This business does take up a certain number of hours in my day, week month.  We will see if I can meet this lofty goal. In the meantime, enjoy!!!!